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Committee Involvement


The NEACUHO Executive Board is currently seeking professionals working in the NEACUHO region to serve on a NEACUHO committee. In order to serve the Association as a committee member, you should be able to fulfill the following expectations to the best of your ability. Please consider the checklist below as you consider serving in this capacity:

  • Attend NEACUHO conferences/events;
  • Actively help the chair, co-chairs, and peers with the work of the committee
  • Meet expectations specific to committee on which you serve;
  • Notify immediate supervisor of committee responsibilities.
  • Reply to committee chair emails and specific requests for information.

2021-2022 Committee List

Annual ConferenceAssessment
Corporate RelationsEquity, Diversity, & Inclusion
Marketing & CommunicationsMedia & Publications
Online ModulesProfessional Development
Sense of Belonging Taskforce 


Annual Conference Committee:

The purpose of this committee is to plan, implement, and coordinate the annual conference of NEACUHO. This includes but is not limited to: promotion, registration, social events, housing, dining, and all support activities. The committee is made up of current members from around the region. When possible, all six districts and membership experience levels should be reflected in the committee makeup. The current Treasurer and Corporate Relations Committee Chair will serve as ex-officio members of this committee. Reports to the President.

Corporate Relations Committee:

The purpose of this committee is the recruitment of exhibitors, Corporate Affiliates, and corporate sponsors to support NEACUHO’s programmatic and operational needs throughout the year. The committee works closely with the Residential Operations Committee throughout the year especially in conjunction with the ResOps Conference.  In addition, this committee is responsible for soliciting exhibitors for the Exhibitor Fair at the Annual Conference.  This committee works in conjunction with the Annual Conference Committee and the Program Committee in planning the annual conference.  

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee:

The purpose of this committee is to coordinate and promote activities and programs that address issues of social justice.  This committee shall identify and create strategies to specifically address distinctive needs such as diversity, women's issues, LGBTQIAP+ issues, and the needs of other special or oppressed populations.  Additionally, this committee shall be responsible for the coordination and implementation of the Social Issues Retreats. 

Marketing & Communications Committee:

The purpose of this committee will be to work on the marketing and communications for the organization and all events.

Media and Publications Committee:

The purpose of this committee is to gather current information from members and committees for publication purposes.  This committee shall publish a newsletter a minimum of four times a year, as well as create and maintain NEACUHO publication guidelines.  Additionally this committee shall develop other publications as assigned.

Professional Development Committee:

The purpose of this committee is to provide a system to welcome, support, and educate mid-level and senior level professionals.  This includes but is not limited to developing resources, educating about current trends and topical issues, training, and professional networking opportunities.  Additionally, this committee shall be responsible for the coordination and implementation of a Drive-In Conference & a Mid-level Institute as well as determining award winners as appropriate (Bylaws 5, Section 4). 

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