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The NEACUHO Archives exist to provide members an opportunity to look t historical data, context, and important information about the Association.  The information in this site is not comprehensive or inclusive of all documents, history, and data about the Association.

You can help contribute to NEACUHO's historical record!

NEACUHO is always looking to add to the collection of archives.  If you have any documents, pictures, or other items that might be important to the Association, please send them our way.

Items of particular interest include:

  • Newsletters and NEACUHO Reports
  • Program books and conference materials 
  • Leadership materials (personal notes from meetings, meeting minutes, budgets, contracts, memorandum of understanding, etc.) 
  • Anything that says to you, "This should be saved."

General Documents

Residential Education

Proposal 2017

Treasurer Proposal 2017

Corporate Relations

Plan 2005

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