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Elections 2019
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2019 Elections


PositionS Available:

President-Elect (3 Year Term)
Treasurer-Elect (2 Year Term)
Connecticut/Rhode Island District Coordinator (2 Year Term)
Maine/New Hampshire District Coordinator (2 Year Term)
Western New York District Coordinator (2 Year Term)

Specific Expectations for the Position:

The President-Elect shall:

a. Assume the responsibility of the President in the President’s absence.

b. Recommend one Appointed Board Member, subject to Executive Board approval, for each Committee as well as any task forces or project teams that are deemed necessary.

c. Coordinate the selection of subsequent annual conference site(s) by chairing a Time and Place Committee that includes a past Annual Conference Committee chair, the Program Committee chair, and the Corporate
Relations Committee chair.

** It should be noted that the 2021 Annual Conference Site has been selected as it will be jointly hosted with MACUHO. The new President-Elect will be responsible for putting together the slate of events for the upcoming year.**

d. Meet with all new Executive Board members prior to the first Executive Board meeting to set clear expectations, goals, and special charges.

e. Provide direct liaison contact to Committees.

f. Accept delegated responsibilities the President may assign.

The Treasurer-Elect shall:

a. Assume the responsibility of the Treasurer in the Treasurer’s absence.

b. Assist the Treasurer with the receipt and distribution of all funds utilizing established financial procedures.

c. Serve as the Vice-Chair of the Finance Committee made up of the Treasurer, one other elected officer, and one appointed board member as well as three additional members. Ideally the seven person committee is representative of each of the six districts.

d. Assume the responsibility of Chair of the Finance Committee in the Treasurer’s absence.

e. Assist the Treasurer with providing a written financial report at the annual business meeting and Executive Board meetings.

f. Assist the Treasurer with coordinating an external audit process annually in accordance with Article IX, Section 2 of the Constitution and By-Laws and report results to the membership.

g. Accept delegated responsibilities the President and/or Treasurer may assign.

h. Report to the Treasurer.

The District Coordinators shall:

a. Serve as the primary liaison of the designated district for all NEACUHO business to the Executive Board.

b. Coordinate with the Membership Coordinator in the area of membership and recruitment, and as such serve as the primary membership coordinator for the district. Communication should occur at least twice per semester to each member institution.

c. Coordinate with the appropriate Committee all new participant functions at the annual conference including orientation and support services.

d. Assist in determining and securing sites for future NEACUHO events as requested.

e. Accept delegated responsibilities the President may assign. 

Additional information about NEACUHO is available in the Constitution and Bylaws found on the organization’s website at (under “About Us”).


The nomination period for this election is Tuesday April 30 to Friday May 23 at 5 pm.

Nominees will be contacted to accept or decline the nomination on a rolling basis.  To be included on the ballot, nominees must submit a candidate statement and photo to Past-President Nate Gordon on or before Tuesday May 28 at 5 pm, which will be posted on the organization’s website.


The election period will begin Monday June 3, and conclude Friday June 7at 5:00 pm.  If the need arises, run-off elections will be held the following week.


All voting will be done electronically.  Each institutional contact will receive a ballot and is asked to confer with staff members prior to submitting an institutional vote. 


Contact Nate Gordon at

Candidate Statements

President Elect

Matthew Foster
Associate Director of Residential Services
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Previous Professional Positions:

Assistant Director of Residential Education – Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2016-2019
Community Director – Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2011-2016
Residence Hall Director – SUNY Fredonia, 2007-2011


MA in Student Personnel Administration, Buffalo State College, 2008
BA in Interdisciplinary Studies: Science Engineering & Architecture, SUNY Fredonia, 2006
Associates in Architectural Design & Drafting, Finger Lakes Community College, 2003

NEACUHO Involvement:

Fall Drive-In Host Site Committee, Fall 2011, WPI
Residential Operations Conference Host Site Committee, December 2013, WPI
Annual Conference Program Committee, June 2012, Northeastern
60th Anniversary Chair, 2014-2015
Annual Conference Committee, Hospitality, Special Events, & Registration; June 2015, WPI
Annual Conference Committee, Registration & Hospitality, October 2017, Portland, ME
Corporate Relations Committee, October 2016-October 2017
Corporate Relations Chair, October 2017-Present

Why I want to serve as your NEACUHO President:

NEACUHO is a unique organization with many unique aspects and offerings.  Being elected as the next President and serving in the three year cycle will allow me to work with a team to continue providing outstanding opportunities for our members while also looking to the future of the organization and working to implement changes to enhance our offerings and presence while keeping our unique presence.  My goals for my Presidency would be:

  • To work with current President-Elect Dave Grimes and the Strategic Planning Chairs to create our next Strategic Plan that would go into effect during my Presidency.
  • To meet members of the region at drive-ins, the Annual conference, through phone calls, and by attending other organizations events to find out how NEACUHO can better serve you, our members.
  • To work with our 2021 Annual Conference Chairs to partner with MACUHO in hosting our first ever joint conference and to provide the membership with an outstanding experience.
  • To work closely with our district coordinators and membership coordinator to increase institutional membership.
  • To work on enhancing the drive-in offerings and making more efficient decisions for our members.
  • To continue to work on the organization’s financial health and stability through collaboration with all executive board members, while implementing a task force focusing on ways to help enhance the organization’s financial status.
  • Lastly, I make a commitment to you, our residence life and housing family, that I will travel the region to visit your area to discuss why you should continue to be a member institution, to meet with those institutions who are not members, and to find out how NEACUHO can help you in the years to come.

More about my NEACUHO history:

My involvement with NEACUHO began in June 2007 as I attended my first event and annual conference at Castleton State College.  This was my first higher education and residence life conference in between year one and year two of my graduate program and I remember my experience like it happened yesterday.  My institution became new member the previous August as we had hired a new Director who was a Past President and heavily involved member.  Our Director introduced me to Past Presidents, colleagues of theirs from other institutions, and allowed our team to participate in all aspects of the conference.  We volunteered, went to every session and event we possibly could, and travelled around the residence hall to meet anyone we could find.  This conference was something that I had never experienced before and this began my love and passion for the professional organization that I call home.

During my time at the Castleton Conference, I met staff members from the WPI Residential Services team which would eventually lead to me being hired to work at WPI through these connections.  If it had not been for this experience at my first NEACUHO event, I truly believe I would not be where I am today both professionally and with my organization involvement.  This is what NEACUHO means to me – the connections we build with our colleagues, who become friends and mentors.

My passion for NEACUHO has continued to grow over the years as I have made life-lasting connections with professionals from around the region. I have been able to serve in many different roles for the organization, and have been provided with many mentorship opportunities from those within our field. 

Through the last twelve years of my professional career, I have not only been educated and mentored as a professional in residence life, but I have learned what it means to educate and mentor others through my experiences with NEACUHO.  I have seen what the organization looked like in 2007 through our evolution into today and the changes we have implemented.  I would love to have the opportunity to serve as President to continue innovating our professional organization while embracing the history and the origin of NEACUHO.  It is an honor to be nominated for President-Elect for this upcoming year and I hope you will vote Matt Foster as you think about the future of NEACUHO.

Ryan Young
Assistant Director of Residence Education
UMass Amherst

Previous Professional Positions:

Associate Director of Residential Life, Pace University Pleasantville, 2011-2013
Assistant Director of Student Development & Campus Activities, Pace University Pleasantville, 2010-2011
Residence Director, UMass Amherst, 2006-2010


MA, Educational Leadership: Student Personnel Administration from University of Central Florida
BS, Biology/Chemistry Secondary Education from Florida Southern College

NEACUHO Involvement:

Parliamentarian: October 2018 - Present
Finance Committee:  October 2018 – Present
Treasurer: November 2017 – October 2018
Executive Board Ethical Standards Working Group: Chair, January 2018 - February 2018
Regional Entry Level Institute (RELI): Host Site Coordinator, 2015 and 2017; Faculty, 2014
Residential Operations Committee: Chair, June 2014 – June 2015; June 2012 – June 2015
Strategic Plan Assessment Task Force: April 2015 – June 2015
NEACUHO Best of the Northeast Recipient: May 2014
Metro New York District Coordinator: June 2012 – July 2013
Strategic Plan Finance Task Force: November 2012 – June 2013
National Housing Training Institute (NHTI) participant & NEACUHO Scholarship recipient: June 2012
Social Issues Committee: GLBTQA & Allies Retreat Co-Chair, June 2011 – June 2012
Professional Development Committee: June 2011 – June 2012
New Professional Development Committee: Chair, June 2009 – June 2011
RD2B Subcommittee, June 2007 – June 2009
Program Committee: (June 2007 – June 2011; Case Study Co-Coordinator, June 2007 – June 2009
Web Site Review Sub-Task Force: February 2009 – May 2009
RELI Participant & NEACUHO Scholarship Recipient: June 2007
Annual Conference Case Study Competition Winner: June 2007
NEACUHO Navigator Articles:

Just Do It…Getting Involved with NEACUHO, August 2010
Staying Involved When You May Not Feel Supported, June 2010

Attended and presented at numerous NEACUHO events, including drive-ins, retreats and annual conferences.  

Why I want to serve as your NEACUHO President:

Hello colleagues!  I am very excited to be nominated for President-Elect.  I was introduced to NEACUHO when I attended the Annual Conference in 2007 as the only person from my institution.  Within a few hours of my arrival, a group from another institution had “adopted me” and made me feel welcomed to my first NEACUHO event.  I was encouraged to participate in the Case Study Competition and had a great experience.  Before the end of the conference, I decided I wanted to stay involved.  At that time, I definitely did not realize the positive impact my decision to become active would have on my career path.  Over a decade later, I am still grateful for the connections and learning NEACUHO has afforded me.  I have had the opportunity to serve NEACUHO in a variety of ways and want to continue giving back to the organization that has done so much for me. 

The landscape of higher education is continuing to change, and NEACUHO must adapt to remain effective for those we serve while honoring the strong history and success of the organization.  This year and next, the NEACHUO will be completing our self-study and strategic planning efforts to guide our organization.  As President, I would pledge to utilize this process to move NEACUHO forward and to incorporate the voices of the membership in goal setting and decision making.  The diversity found within the identities of our members and in the types of institutions we serve present NEACUHO a wealth of experiences to draw upon to accomplish this mission.  I am committed to fostering the diversity of our organization and believe this will help NEACUHO continue to provide a variety of quality development offerings within the region, including working with our colleagues from MACUHO to actualize our first joint Annual Conference in 2021.  This is an exciting endeavor which will allow both NEACUHO and MACUHO members to make broader connections and further strengthen our regional relationships. 

Finally, I would like to express thanks for taking the time to review all of the candidate statements.  Helping to select the leadership of our organization is important.  My time with NEACUHO has been a very rewarding experience, and I am humbled by the prospect of leading this amazing organization.   I appreciate your consideration of my candidacy.  


Kevin Conn
Assistant Director of Residential Life
New York University

Kevin currently serves on the NEACUHO Executive Board as the Professional Development Chair. He is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the Mid-Level Institute as well as the Toolkit Series. Within this role he is also responsible for the financial planning and budgeting for these initiatives in order to ensure everything is planned according to the projected budget and that all expenses are accounted for in these initiatives. Kevin has been actively involved in the organization and has attended all annual conferences since 2016 while having been an active conference presenter and new professional mentor at these events.


 Throughout his professional experience he has had the opportunity to manage budgets for a variety of organizations ranging in size and scope. In his current position, he oversees the budgetary operations for all upperclass residence halls owned by NYU including individual building budgets managed by staff teams within those areas. Overseeing these budgets totaling over $250,000, he reviews on an on-going basis account balances, transactions, and any areas that do not align with the budgetary plan for the Department / University. Within his budgetary practices, he also looks for ways to streamline and improve how staff spend available funding and maximize the use of the funding available during the year.  


In addition, like the role of the treasurer-elect, Kevin utilizes documentation and review of expenditures by monitoring all spending purchases made through procurement cards for every professional staff member in his area who has a credit card. Each of these cards are tracked monthly and purchases are reviewed for accuracy, account tracking, and budgetary oversight to insure proper spending and planning for the year ahead.


Furthermore, in order to maintain the most accurate records, Kevin maintains a master record of all transactions within his area of oversight. This includes not only his individual budget lines that he manage, but also any budgets that connect to his larger overall area programming for the upperclass experience. These budgets are tracked on a weekly basis and help provide a budget at a glance so that anyone could quickly see the current state of financial affairs, what funding is still left for available use, what has been spent, and what items are in a pending state. This process of tracking has helped in his level of organization and has also helped in the ability to keep accurate records long term for his staff and for the programs and areas that he manages.   


Finally, as treasurer-elect, it is important to also understand how the money is being disbursed and accurately tracking that information. Within his role at NYU there is a tracking system that is used to track Petty Cash as well as staff reimbursements that itemizes how money is being spent or reimbursed. Kevin would use this knowledge to his advantage when working to track and document how money is being spent from a regional level. Working to keep detailed documentation of how the money is spent, where it is going, applicable timelines (if needed) for spending the funds, and any other details that would be helpful for the treasurer and the organization. Transparency in funding and the use of funds is critical in an organization and he would work to provide this level of detail in his work if selected for this position.


If elected, he is committed to fulfilling all responsibilities as outlined by the position description and would work collaboratively with all members of the NEACUHO Executive Board to help the organization reach its goals and objectives. Furthermore, he would utilize the first year as treasurer-elect to fully understand the role, learn from the current treasurer, and best maximize the transition process to fully understand and to make the most out of this role.


Connecticut/Rhode Island District Coordinator

Gregory Madrid
Assistant Director of Residential Life
Sacred Heart University

I am excited to run for the NEACUHO CT/RI District Coordinator position. I have had the privilege of being involved with NEACUHO for the past 20 years in various roles, most recently the last 3 of which have been serving as the Webmaster, and it has been an amazing experience. My involvement with the organization and on the Executive Board has given me the opportunity to work with colleagues around the region to better our chosen profession as well as cultivate the next generation of leaders. Additionally, NEACUHO has allowed me to form valuable relationships with others in the region and I would be honored to continue my work within the organization as the CT/RI District Coordinator.

As CT/RI District Coordinator, my goal would be to focus my efforts on recruitment, networking, and most importantly communication. Our members need to know what is happening with this important organization and how it can be a benefit to everyone from the student staff,  RHDs to Senior Level members. It is so easy to forget how NEACUHO can help with training of our staff, developing them professionally and keeping on the important trends with our ever changing students. Working with the Membership Coordinator, I would market NEACUHO to schools that are not members or who haven’t been members in a while in an effort to get them to join the organization In addition, I would work to encourage our current member intuitions in both Connecticut and Rhode Island to renew their membership and continue their relationship with NEACUHO for another year. Throughout my time in NEACUHO, I have been a part of committees, attended and presented at conferences, and actively participated whenever calls went out to the membership. These opportunities helped me to develop as a professional and feel that while I am making a difference at my home institution I am also contributing to the larger Residential Life community. As CT/RI District Coordinator, I will keep the institutions in the district informed with what is happening with NEACUHO and decisions that are made in executive board meetings. I will seek the input and feedback of the CT/RI institutions prior to executive board meetings as well. I hope to coordinate networking opportunities each semester to improve the relationships we have in Connecticut and Rhode Island.  I hope you give me the opportunity to represent you on the NEACUHO Executive Board. Thank you for your consideration.

Kayla Mosko
Assistant Director of Residential Education, Staff and Development
University of Rhode Island

Hello NEACUHO! I’m Kayla Mosko, Assistant Director of Residential Education, Staff and Development at the University of Rhode Island. In my role, I supervise our three residential neighborhoods and our professional Area Coordinators. I manage all recruitment, selection and training for our professional, graduate and student staff within Residential Education.  I’m thrilled to be nominated for the CT/RI District Coordinator. Since I returned to the NEACUHO Region after spending some time in GLACUHO, I have found ways to represent my institution with presentations at our Annual conference and Drive-in events. I was a co-chair for the ACUHO-I Professional Standards Institute host campus in June 2017, where I developed the host bid and department charges, collect documents for our department review, managed travel and accommodations, created the institute schedule with faculty, and contributed to the ACUHO-I host manual for future PSI institutions.  I believe my experiences have set me up for the role of state delegate, particularly as it pertains to the role’s responsibilities with conference planning and membership recruitment. I would be honored to represent CT and RI!

Jacob Nathaniel
Residence Hall Director
University of Connecticut


Hello, NEACUHO! My name is Jacob Nathaniel (they/them/their) and I am a Residence Hall Director at the University of Connecticut. It is with a great amount of excitement that I accept the nomination for Connecticut/Rhode Island District Coordinator and hope that my previous involvement in the organization has established me as a new professional with an immense amount of passion and commitment for ensuring our organization meets its goals and supports its members.

For the past three years, I have been able to attend NEACUHO’s annual conference and have become invested in the many opportunities our region offers. From participating and placing in the 2016 New Professional Case Study as a graduate student, returning to the region as a full-time professional upon graduation, serving on the 2018 Annual Conference Host Committee, and advising a student delegation at RD2B, I have found a professional home in NEACUHO.

While it is difficult to truly understand the scope of a role before assuming it, I would like to highlight some of my initial goals. If elected as the new Connecticut/Rhode Island District Coordinator, I will leverage my administrative strengths to ensure relevant and timely communication is distributed to member institutions within my region. Additionally, I anticipate coordinating informal and stress-free opportunities for professionals to network throughout the region and establish a sense of belonging – especially for newer professionals – and connection within Connecticut and Rhode Island. Finally, I will commit to ensuring organization is prioritized at every opportunity to ease the burdens experienced by member institutions related to distributing, receiving, and interpreting information.

By working closely with other Executive Board members and continuing to learn more about our organization, I hope to fulfill the high standards I have in my standard work to apply it to this position. If elected, I will work tirelessly to represent, embolden, and prioritize all of Connecticut and Rhode Island while supporting the overall success of NEACUHO. Thank you!

Maine/New Hampshire District Coordinator

Chuck Crawford
Assistant Director for Residential Life
Plymouth State University

I would like to express my interest in the Maine/New Hampshire District Coordinator Position with the Northeast Association of College and University Housing Officers. Prior to relocating back to New Hampshire in my current role, I served the Virginia Association of College and University Housing Officers in several capacities. I first volunteered and served as the Regional Ambassador for VACUHOs Southeastern Region for two years. This position required me to stay connected to institutions within the region, forward along and connect this institutions to VACUHO and provide professional development opportunities for the institutions in the regions. One of the final positions I held was that of the three years in the Presidency rotation (President Elect, President and Past President), which provided me with development and involvement beyond what I could have imagined.  
Currently I have been working with the Residence Life Association of the Granite State (RLAGS) to help institute some change and grow the organization. Since my involvement we have been able to add additional positions to better manage the organization as well as institute the first ever Senior Housing Officers Summit sponsored by the organization. The exciting opportunity of Maine/New Hampshire District Coordinator aligns with my professional aspirations and truly excites me to have the formal opportunity to keep all housing and residence life professionals within those states connected to NEACUHO.  
If selected for this position, I believe that I would be a great asset to NEACUHO given my past experiences and commitment to the field. In closing, I greatly appreciate your consideration for the Maine/New Hampshire District Coordinator position with NEACUHO

Western New York District Coordinator

Courtney Albiker
Residence Director
Syracuse University

I, Courtney Albiker, am enthusiastically submitting my interest in being selected as the incoming NEACUHO Western New York District Coordinator because of my excitement to become more involved with the NEACUHO organization while increasing participation from my colleagues in the Western New York District and advocating for the interests of the institutions in our district. Currently, I am a finishing up my second year as a Residence Director at Syracuse University. Prior to finding my current home in central New York, I served as the Housing Coordinator for Cornell University and before that I was as an Area Coordinator followed by Assistant Dean of Student in Residence Life/Housing Coordinator at Clarkson University. During my almost 5 years of experience working in Housing and Residence Life in New York State I have built a network of colleagues that have remained in the Western New York District and I am hopeful that in leveraging those relationships and allocating time to expand my network will lend myself to serving as an impactful liaison for the Western New York institutions.

My passion is to advocate for others and challenge myself and those around me to embrace new and exciting opportunities. As a candidate for the NEACUHO Western New York District Coordinator, I intend capitalize on this passion to connect with all the institutions within our district multiple times a semester to not only provide updates on the progress of NEACUHO, but also to listen and critically examine what value NEACHUO can bring to its members based on the needs of the Western New York institutions. As a member of the NEACUHO team and as a liaison for the Western New York District, I will strive to bring professionalism, compassion, and creativity to all that I do. Currently working with the NEACHUO Professional Development Committee, I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with some extremely dedicated professionals. The enthusiasm for professional growth and the commitment to NEACUHO shared through this committee has sparked my interest to become further involved with this organization and communicate the great work that is being done with the members of the Western New York District. I am a problem solver and a strategic thinker that is motivated by helping others and providing for the needs of the people I work with. Because of this motivation to serve, I am confident that I will represent the Western New York District exceedingly well and add resounding value to the overall NEACUHO team. Thank you for your consideration!

Kathleen Reilly
Residence Hall Director
SUNY Cortland

This is my third year as a professional staff member in the field of Residence Life and Housing, and in my time in this field I believe I have gained a unique skill set that will make me beneficial as the Western New York District Coordinator. While still new to the field, I have had the opportunity to work with different offices to develop wide scale programming for students as well as faculty and staff. I believe that the skills that I have gained in my role as a Residence Hall Director, will help me to bring new and unique ways to connect all institutions associated with NEACUHO as well as open the door for new institutions to join in with the hardworking members of this organization as well.

I believe that taking on this position will be incredibly beneficial to my own professional development in an external capacity. I have been afforded many professional development opportunities from within my institutions but I see this new opportunity as a whole new experience to further my knowledge in the field of Residence Life and Housing. Through this position I hope to broaden my horizons even further with how different schools run their Residence Life and Housing departments. I also want to become more involved with NEACUHO and use my knowledge and skills to help its overall mission. I believe that the unique skill set I offer, as well as my innate ability to connect with others will make me a successful candidate if offered this position.

Scott Sheehan
Resident Director
University of Rochester

I am interested in the Western New York District Coordinator for NEACUHO for a variety of reasons.  I have been working in Residence Life and Housing for 3 years professionally and 2 years while in graduate school.  Currently I work at the University of Rochester where I just got done my first year of my doctoral program at the U of R (yay!).  I am hoping to be the Western New York District Coordinator for NEACUHO because I believe that through my connections from my doctoral program and my involvement in CSPA-NYS that I can make Western New York a highly engaged part of NEACUHO.  As a member of the finance committee for NEACUHO I am working on trying to be more engaged with the organization and to solidify myself as someone who cares deeply about building professional connections.  I have experience coordinating recruitment events for Fraternities and Sororities over the past several years and have some creative ways that I hope to recruit for NEACUHO in the upcoming years.  Reliable, kind, and trustworthy are three words that I believe describe me, and I hope to be a strong consistent part of this organization for years to come.  I would appreciate your vote, and feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions you’d like to ask me.    

Mike Yates
Assistant Director for University Apartments
University of Buffalo


I am currently employed at the University at Buffalo as the Assistant Director for our University Apartments and have been working in Residence Life and Housing within NEACUHO since 2008. I was first connected with NEACUHO when I attended my first Annual Conference in 2011. This experience connected me to numerous professional development opportunities and a vast network of professionals across the region. NEACUHO provided me with several opportunities to present at the Annual Conference, attend the joint NEACUHO/MACUHO Regional Entry Level Institute, and connect with ACUHO-I where I participated in the National Housing Training Institute and the Mid-Level Leadership Institute. If I had not initially connected with NEACUHO as an entry level professional, I would not be the professional I am today. If elected to the District Coordinator position, the first of my goals in this role would be to provide outreach to professionals and institutions to connect them with NEACUHO to gain access to similar opportunities. Demonstrating these professional development opportunities will not only assist in engaging new membership but will assist the organization in retaining them into the future.

The Western New York District covers a large geographical area, but my time working in the district over the last 8 years has provided the opportunity to develop a network of colleagues and connections to institutions. My time in the region and membership with other state organizations will be an asset to assist the recruitment of individuals and institutional affiliation. I recognize the importance of providing opportunities for individuals to connect and have development opportunities in the region. I previously had experience working with the District Coordinator to host workshops and roundtables. This is something I would like to continue to offer to so that professionals can connect with development opportunities, and in turn, connect with NEACUHO. These prior experiences will continue to assist me in engaging members institutions within the Western New York District. 

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